Rich Heritage | Strong Legacy

Eddie Young started as a residential electrician. After achieving his Master Electrician License at only age 22, he shifted his focus towards commercial and government construction.

In 1964 Eddie Young founded Young Enterprises, an electrical subcontractor, in Oklahoma.

Since then Young Enterprises rapidly grew, hired employees, and obtained multiple lucrative government contracts which put them on projects ranging from overseas travel in Israel and construction for NASA. This rapid growth required a base of operations and Eddie chose to base the business out of Sherman, Texas and constructed their office complex where Young Enterprises is still headquartered today.

“The most important aspect of any building is the mechanical and electrical – it is the nerve center of the building.”
-Eddie Young

Young Enterprises has expanded into general contracting, investing, property development, and property maintenance. Great care is taken for every detail, and intimate knowledge of both the construction and development process are the foundation for Young Enterprises’ success. The Youngs attribute much of their success to the fact they are still family owned and operated. Eddie passed along his values to his son Todd Young, President of Young Enterprises, and today they continue to amaze clients with excellent quality and service. If you would like to work with Young Enterprises, contact us and we will help any way we can.